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Canvas Floor Rug

by Miss Loverly Heavy canvas A strong white glue, like No-More Nails or Well-Bond Latex Wall Paint Acrylic Art Paint or Fluid Acrylic 2″ wide brush Painters Art Brushes Varathane About ten years ago, when Martha Stewart was on the televison 24/7 (prior to her prison sentence) I saw this project and fell in love. … Continue reading

Prepping Outdoor Planters

by Mireille Bourgeois I got a few discounted wooden baskets from the hardware store to make some outdoor planters for some easy-to-grab eats throughout the summer. The gardening experts I’ve read recommend having a few planters close to the kitchen so that you’re not running to the back yard all the time to get some … Continue reading

The Kitchen Chapters

By Jodi Humphrey Weekends are precious. It is two days a week you have to specifically devote to non-work things if you are among the many who work during the week. For my family it is time to be together, garden, run errands, and undoubtedly prepare for the next week of work. There is no … Continue reading

BBQ Garden Planter

by Mireille Bourgeois When I started landscaping our backyard I got the bright idea to turn every piece of trash or debris into a garden planter. Not a terrible idea for most things. My boyfriend is a car enthusiast and is always fixing, or taking apart something in the garage. This means there are many … Continue reading

Gardening: waiting to plant

by Mireille Bourgeois One of the most surprising things to me in my new gardening hobby is the great anticipation I feel when looking at my seedlings. I am desperate to plant them outside. I was wholly unprepared to start indoor gardening, lots of gardeners begin indoors. But not having a greenhouse, or shelving system … Continue reading

Muddy Flowers

by Mireille Bourgeois I don’t really want to blog about this because it makes me sad, but I do need a little advice. This novice gardner has experienced her first bump in the road. My first flowers may be ruined before the tulips even flower. Please note: I *may* be being dramatic… wait until you … Continue reading

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

The Story of the “New” Home By Jodi Humphrey Last summer we moved to Pittsburgh, PA from Austin, TX with a four week old baby to a beautiful colonial-style home built in 1940. Trying to settle into a new home and city, especially with a newborn, laid out plenty of challenges; therefore, we had to … Continue reading

My first gardening plan

-By Mireille Bourgeois I made my first gardening plan. Yes, I did spend a whole weekend designing this in InDesign and yes I did digitally draw all these little vegetable icons myself. I told you I was obsessed. I realize it looks like a lot of food, but I’ve planted this many seedlings and they’ll … Continue reading

DIY: Pajaki Polish Paper Chandelier Project (do I get points for alliteration?)

By Renée Gruszecki Yes, we are making a cobweb chandelier for your birthday My Polish tutor and friend, Magda celebrated her birthday last weekend so I decided to surprise her with an evening devoted to crafting a Polish paper chandelier called pajaki, drinking fruity vodka tonic concoctions and consuming scrumptious frosted chocolate cupcakes (and believe … Continue reading


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