In the Foodie hobby section, you’ll find hobby posts about cooking, baking, and all things delicious to taste.

Table of Contents

Food Preservation

City Foraging: Autumn Berries , by Mireille Bourgeois
Freezer veggies… from the garden, by Mireille Bourgeois
Mémère Poirier’s Green Tomato Chow, by Mireille Bourgeois
Pickled Jalapeño peppers, by Mireille Bourgeois
Quick Tip: save money and preserve parmesan cheese, by Mireille Bourgeois
Food dehydration! Cranberries and Sundried Tomatoes, by Mireille Bourgeois
Kimchi and Sauerkraut, by Mireille Bourgeois
Basic Salsa for those Garden Tomatoes!, by Mireille Bourgeois

Main Meals

Salmon Sweet Potato Chilli Croquets, by Mireille Bourgeois
Mushroom, Onion and Feta Tart, by Mireille Bourgeois
Spicy Meatloaf and Masala Salad, by Mireille Bourgeois
Rib Diaries; step by step BBQ rib technique, by guest blogger John Crowley
Chickpea recipes, chana masala and more, post by Mireille Bourgeois
Roasted Tomato Pasta, post by Juniper Littlefield

Odds and Ends
Making Homemade Butter, by guest blogger Andrew
Making your own Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese, by Mireille Bourgeois
Pumpkin soda bread, Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Butter!, by Mireille Bourgeois
Bagel Day, post by Patrick Reinartz

On the Sweet Side
Candied Orange Peels, Orange Brandy Syrup and Orange Sugar Dust, by Mireille Bourgeois
Baking with Kids: spicy molasses marbled cake, by Mireille Bourgeois
Lime, Lemon and Basil Sorbet, by Mireille Bourgeois
Chocolate Almond-Spiced Cupcakes (vegan and gluten free), post by Jodi Humphrey
Praline Cream Puff Wreath, post by Juniper Littlefield

Snacks and Breakfasts
Healthy Breakfast Cookies, by Mireille Bourgeois
Pickled Eggs: they are better than you think, by Mireille Bourgeois

Kale with Canellini Beans and Sausage, by Patrick Reinartz
All about Paneer, post by Patrick Reinartz
Just in Time for Lent: Spicy Baked Tofu, post by Jodi Humphrey


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