Mireille Bourgeois is a curator and cooking/baking junkie trying to find a hobby. She’s worked in the arts for her whole life and finds it almost impossible to find a hobby that isn’t related. She found cooking when she was a child out of a need to cook for herself and to help her parents with the household. Mireille is a curator and the director of a media arts organization (Centre for Art Tapes: http://www.centreforarttapes.ca) by day, and a wannabe chef by night, weekend and special occasion. For this blog this administrator decided to invite some cherished people to contribute their favorite hobby through a series of posts on food, arts, crafts, home projects, and some other things that might pop up.


Jodi (McLaughlin) Humphrey is not a “foodie” so to speak, but certainly loves to eat. (Chocolate is a particular weakness.) You would think food allergies would deter her affection for eating, but are you ever wrong. Instead life-long issues with dairy and MSG, a diagnosis of Celiac disease a few years ago, and a passion for knowledge set aflame a journey to find ways to keep eating all the things she loves and learn more about food history and local food movements. Her incredible love of her nephews, who have allergies to dairy, eggs, and nuts, also contributes to her desire of food accessibility. She doesn’t want food allergies to get in the way of having a positive relationship with food and the fine art of eating. When not making, baking, and eating Jodi can be found hanging out with her amazing husband, Peter, and son, Sam, working in non-profit arts administration, quilting, dyeing, and screen printing in her studio, renovating her home, exploring, reading, or volunteering for Quilts Beyond Borders.


Patrick Reinartz is a musician, writer, nerd, and kitchen enthusiast living in sleepy Fredericton, New Brunswick. He discovered a love of the kitchen in the early 2000s, beginning a series of adventures in learning about cooking. Never one to be tied down to a particular field, Patrick’s obsessions over the years have included Mexican food, Indian cooking, ice cream-making, charcuterie, pasta-making, and a little bit of baking. When he’s not cooking, Patrick subjects his amazing wife to his new food experiments, makes electronic music, and collects vintage Nintendo games. His best friend is Batman and he has two cats.


I’m Juniper Littlefield, a sarcastic high school student who enjoys Monet, Nicki Minaj, choral music, sea bound adventures and food. I have been baking for 5 years straight, and have since discovered that people seem to like it when you cook for them, which opens up a world of pie and bribery. It won’t be perfect and there’ll probably be some smoke, but I promise tea and cookies so please step into my kitchen and join me.

Renée Gruszecki is an independent design historian specializing in the material culture and social history of traditional and contemporary Euro-American sentimental jewelry and cultural tokens. She holds a MA in Design History and Material Culture from the University of Brighton, England as well as a post-diploma in Museum Management and Curatorship from Sir Sandford Fleming College and a BA Concentration in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa, Canada. Gruszecki is also the owner, manager and designer of COIN COIN designs & co.  (www.coincoin.ca) a Canadian company that fashions coin jewellery inspired by vintage settings and the enchantment of found lucky pennies.

Alison, a.k.a. Miss Loverly, is an arts administrator and art collection vault coordinator (yes, there is such a thing) in Toronto, Ontario. When not touching Monet’s and Rembrant’s, she gets creative in her tiny little apartment and eats at her local greasy spoon. You can read more about her projects at http://loverlylalala.blogspot.ca/



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