The Beginning

In the beginning there’s maybe an inkling. A type of nagging feeling that you need to do something in the creative sphere. That even if the day in and day out of your job is satisfying, that something deep down isn’t being satisfied. Maybe creativity to you is painting, sculpting, gardening, but maybe it’s fixing cars, trying a new lifestyle choice or cooking for friends.

In my dictionary, the definition of a hobby is becoming obsessed with something because it’s challenging or makes you think or act outside of that “box” we are all comforted by. Sometimes that hobby dies out, and we go on to try something new, and sometimes we discover things about ourselves we wouldn’t have otherwise. I once tried breakdancing in my living room just to see if it could be fun. I knocked down half my plants and am pretty sure I still get wrist pain from those few times…. What I discovered instead of just feeling defeated, is that moving my body, feeling my limbs move around me is important to get out of that stressed out body anxiety I’m often subject to. I’ve instead taken up yoga, which has saved me from much pain, and contributed to my personal philosophy.

To me, a hobby is just that, an opener, an exercise of the mind and body, and maybe just plain fun. I use to think a hobby was something we would all do for a career if we were brave enough. I’ve realized that if my hobbies were my job, I would try to find another hobby to fill the void of that activity in my spare time. Have a look at Shelley’s post for more on not paying attention to ones own self-consciousness while trying new things.

I’ve been working in the arts for more than ten years. It’s been quite difficult for me to find a creative hobby that isn’t related to my work, which I feel is a very important separation. I started cooking in my worst moments. Everytime I am going through something difficult I need to cook or bake to make sense of myself. Eventually, I cooked and baked so much (and not just when I was going through tough stuff) that I had to bring the left overs to work, and started inviting friends and family over for treats. I still want to dance and sing, that would be a dream hobby for me. But as I build my courage for those types of public hobbies, I’ve picked up gardening for now. Cooking and gardening vegetables are probably the most rewarding hobby I’ve ever picked up. Taking care of my home, my “family”, my health. Look at these sweet little seedlings! I can’t wait to plant them outside and gain from a (hopefully) bountiful harvest.

I’m always so concerned as an arts advocate. I fight the good fight for the media art organization I manage, and for the artists that I support. It gets tiring to defend an organization’s right to public funding (for example, we all have worthy fights to fight)… and I can’t write enough letters to letter writing campaigns, or sign enough petitions, or take enough group consultation meetings to “fix” everything… It’s so cheesy, but it’s the nurturer in me, through my hobbies I’m attempting to feed the world (it’s the whole: think global, act local thing).

So here I am, having become obsessed with my own hobbies, and then branching out to other’s hobbies on FoodgawkerDwellinggawker, Pinterest,  and of course DesignSponge. I noticed that many of my friends had serious hobbies as well and would post about them on Facebook, and I wanted to invite them to contribute to a blog, bringing together an eclectic group of Hobbyists. You’ll find out that each contributor has a different reason and description of their hobbies. Some of them are simply trying out news things, and others classify their special interests as something they’d rather do in their spare time. For example, see Renée’s post about the design of the ornate Victorian grave-site of Marchesca Luisa Casati.

Have a look at the Contributors page for some information about the developing list of bloggers. In the Cultural Observations page you’ll find posts on health, lifestyle, material culture and design. The Foodie section is the most populated at the moment and is self-descriptive, you’ll find posts on gluten-free cooking and baking by Jodi, and amazing baker and chef challenges by Juniper and Patrick. Soon enough, you’ll see posts by Joseph, Krystal and others in the Do It Yourself section is a mixture of car fixing projects posts and house craft projects as well as knitting and quilting; the posts are forthcoming.

I’ll be writing editorials when there are new posts and working on populating each section with loads of exciting posts that may inspire you to pick up a serious hobby or three 😉


– Mireille


One thought on “The Beginning

  1. yeah!! Looking forward to reading all the interesting posts!! Congrats!

    Posted by Break Free | April 1, 2012, 10:50 pm

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