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Salmon Sweet Potato Chilli Croquets: experimentation


by Mireille Bourgeois

I have a lot of recipe books. I try and make sure that each of them have value in my kitchen. I don’t “collect” recipe books per se, I mainly add to my repertoire. I think I’m at my limit for books, having received a pie making cookbook and a gluten free cookbook completes my library nicely.

Some days though I’m in the mood to experiment. This morning I made a scallop salmon corn chowder, an apple rosemary soda bread, and these REALLY tasty croquets that I’m sharing with you now. I’ve tried making fishcakes so many times. I always end up having to scrape the cakes from a frying pan, or a baking sheet because the inside is too moist, the outside slides off, the cakes are too big, then too small, too dry, too plain jane, etc. Let’s just say I have bad luck/aptitude for fish cakes. So I decided to make fish croquets.

I think the idea of making them into a ball, and rolling them in bread crumbs was less annoying than sticky patties and brought on a smaller amount of dread in me. There’s nothing like spending time and great ingredients and ending up with a disgusting mess for dinner.


Earlier this week I baked a whole salmon which turned out great. I knew it would be too much for two people, so after eating it for dinner and lunch the next day, I decided to make fish stock with the bones, a big pot of chowder and then the fishcakes. It’s so, so important to plan ahead and manage our food so as not to waste it.


Salmon Sweet Potato Chilli Croquets

3 cups of cooked and flaked salmon

one medium size sweet potato, mashed

3/4 cups of cooked quinoa

1/2 of a very small ghost pepper (the hottest pepper I had), seeds discarded, pepper chopped finely

Juice of one lime

1 egg

1Tbs dry chives

Tsp sweet paprika

pepper and salt

Mix all ingredients together well, but leave a few chunks in there. Then roll into small balls and roll in bread crumbs. Bake on silicone sheet for 20 minutes, turning halfway through. Broil for about 3 minutes on each sides, then serve with tzatziki, or whatever sauce you might like, though they don’t really need a sauce at all. A few of these with a big salad would make a fine meal. For a wheat-egg free version, simply omit egg and use a wheat free corn cereal for the outside instead of bread crumbs.




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