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Garden tour

by Mireille Bourgeois

So it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve updated so instead of giving you the long winded version, I’ll just show you what’s going on, and go from there 😉

First thing: last time I blogged, I posted about making your own fertilizer using weeds and my front yard lasagna garden beds. Well, they are looking pretty good. The Rhododendron did not root. I was naive to think that it would when I read all the millions of posts that gave specific instructions on how to root these types of trees!!!

So I pulled out the dead Rhodo and planted one that I bought 😉 We are working SO hard this summer, and it looks like the dethatching worked well. There are definitely a lot of weeds in our lawn, but the aeration helped bring much needed oxygen to our soil and the dethatching loosened up the old grass to make room for new seeds. Condiering how bald and yellow it looked before, I’d say that’s a nice improvement!


The garden bed looks a bit bare for now, but I haven’t selected the perennials I’d like to grow there yet. I’ve got a blue spruce, tiger lily and hosta in the back, a bleeding heart and creeping juniper to the right and the Rhodo on the left. I planted flower seeds but… They never grow for me. sigh. Onwards and upwards! Look at the Rhodo!


ANYWAYS. Here’s my redone flower bed. Winter had ruined the bed, the rock border had sunk into the ground and the mulch nearly disappeared. I re-edged, weeded, re-rocked and put a half of foot of mulch on top.


And the beautiful whoolie mammoth lily below. I have no idea what this flower will be, so exciting. I got this flower from a random source last year and I honestly don’t know what it is.


I wanted to try my hand at front yard veggy gardening. Joe built a beautiful raised bed, then I added planters. Some carrots that I should have spaced a bit but am just letting them do what they’re going to do. It’s wonderful to put my fingers through their leaves… They are so happy and healthy.

IMG_0036 IMG_0041 IMG_0040

Isn’t this beautiful…? This is were Joe’s traffic cones go. Just lovely splash of orange… 😉 He’s going to put up some lattice which will hide the stuff under the patio and also create a crazy trellis for my future pumpkins, that’s right, vertical pumpkins. More on trellis here, and for more on the garden tour (I didn’t want to repeat pictures… but the other garden beds are featured there).


We had some of that beautiful swiss chard for dinner the other night, our first bit from the garden!


We just had a rain collection system made for us and it it already full after a couple of rainfalls. It’s a great way to save on the cost of a garden. I’ve often thought about whether my garden saves me money in the end. For me, it’s also my only hobby, so I’m happy to spend some little bits here and there. Saving money would be awesome, but I’m a year or so away from that. Below you see a couple of projects for tomorrow. An empty garden bed and lattice for the pumpkin trellis.


My potatoes (from this post), are doing fantastic! Funny enough, the old potatoes I had in my kitchen grew faster than the seed potatoes I bought. Hopefully I’ll have potatoes in there that aren’t eaten by bugs, but if I do… I’ll have like 25 pounds of them. YIKES. I also tried some garlic planters which honestly is a dumb idea. I’m doing to dedicate a planter to garlic this fall, I saw a friend of mine’s garlic that grew like 4 feet tall and now I’m inspired.

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

Just a little patch of mint…


And the last of the garden tour for today, my other garden beds contain: tomatoes, peppers, mesclin mix, spinach, romaine, mache, zucchini, squash (spaghetti and butternut), cucumbers (english and lemon round), carrots (hybrid red, atomic red and rainbow), and tons of cilantro.


This bed has peppers, tomatoes, onions on the outside for pest protection, dill, and parsley. The one below has about the same but some leeks and cilantro too.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

I’ll close with our littlest and only lilac flower. We only planted the tree last year, so it’s still establishing. I’ve sprayed it once with a bit of soap and water (just a couple of drops of dish soap in a gallon of water) when a nearby tree was infested with aphids. It’s been healthy thus far. Oh and then there’s the pretty chives flower :).





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