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Fertilizer Made From Weeds

by Mireille Bourgeois

I know, it’s crazy. Don’t you want to get rid of your weeds? Rip them from the soil and throw them in a fire never to be seen again??? Well, one thing we may not realize is that weeds are some of the best fed vegetation in our yard or garden! Their roots, despite being irritating to the gardener reach far into the ground and suck up some pretty nutritious stuff. Making fertilizer from weeds is simple. I’m not an organic gardener but if I have a clear, inexpensive choice, I’d rather go without chemicals. This organic fertilizer (if you don’t treat your lawn), will make your plants stronger and more resistant to disease, which will limit the chance of having to use pesticide on your beautiful vegetables and foliage.


First collect various types of weeds (don’t forget the roots!) so that you have a good variety of nutriants (various weeds will be rich in different types of nutrients). Then stack them on top of a few layers of cheese cloth, tie it up tightly so that the weeds don’t escape but let the weeds be fairly loose so that water can get through. I added some crushed eggshells for calcium. Wow, those pictures are quite blue aren’t they. Apologies, I don’t have photoshop on the computer I’m using…


Drop it in a 5 gallon bucket halfway filled with water and let it steep for a couple of weeks outside. Once a week I push it down and stir it up a bit. Feel free to cover it up but I like to let it breath a bit.


To use the fertilizer with water at a ratio of 1 (weed juice):10 (water) and spray on leaves, or mix in watering can. The tea, if left too strong will do what most fertilizers do when poorly diluted; burn your plants, so make sure you dilute it (and looks like a cup of weak tea). My garden isn’t ready for fertilizer yet, but I poured some weed juice over my compost pile for extra nutrients. Good stuff!




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