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Quick Tip: save money and preserve parmesan cheese

by Mireille Bourgeois

IMG_0032This is just a quick tip on how to save money on typically expensive parmesan cheese. I looooove cheese but it can sometimes be expensive and doesn’t really last very long in my fridge! Parmesan is one of the most economical cheeses; a little goes a long way because of its sharp flavour.

When I find it on sale, I buy a huge brick, and then grate it myself. I loosely pack it in containers and keep it in the freezer. Don’t pack it tight, so that when you take it out of the freezer you won’t have to wait until it thaws to use (it won’t be frozen into a block of ice; the air will keep it fluffy.) Use it right out of the container for pizzas and baked goods, or let it thaw (it really only takes about 20 minutes to thaw) and use it on salads, and other yummy things. It will keep in the freezer for many months.

IMG_0033I paid 9.83$ for this big brick and it gave me 6 containers of parmesan. If I bought pre-graded parmesan it would have cost me about 20 dollars or more for sure.

You can go beyond this tip and also freeze the rind that’s left over from your brick. Throw the rind in soups to flavour the broth. Anyways, hope you enjoy this quick lesson in frugality. Here are some other food preservation posts.



2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: save money and preserve parmesan cheese

  1. Another option is simply not to grate the cheese in advance. Grated cheese rots far more easily. You can keep parmesan (and indeed many cheese) in your fridge for a very long time, provided you put them in a glass countainer as soon as you’re back home. Cheese hates plastics, it makes it sweat. Trust me, I’m Swiss !

    Posted by Fracture de nuit | April 9, 2013, 12:18 pm
    • This is true! Good tip thanks! I grate the cheese because I don’t want to grate it everytime I use it (I’m lazy I guess!) and I like to use it straight out of the freezer. I’ve never had it mould when in the freezer. But I totally agree, cheese lasts for a long time if it’s well packaged.

      Posted by hobbyjunkies | April 10, 2013, 10:50 am

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