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Pickled Eggs; they are better than you think

by Mireille Bourgeois

pickled eggs_6

When eggs go on super-sale, I buy a couple of dozen and sometimes make pickled eggs. We love reception food in our house and halved pickled eggs with some cheese and crackers, olives, good bread and hummus is our movie-night treat.

Pickled eggs are SO easy it’s ridiculous. First, boil the eggs in a large pot making sure they don’t break. My two favorite tools for pickling eggs are my handy egg spoon and my egg timer. The spoon helps minimize breakage when dropping them in the water, and helps scoop the eggs once they are boiled.  I use a hand egg-timer to make sure the inside is cooked through. Bacteria can form in the egg if it’s not cooked properly.

pickled eggs pickled eggs_1

I’ve tried various recipes but no matter the spices use, I never really taste them, the vinegar pretty much empowers the taste. I don’t mind really. That’s what pickled eggs are!

Once your eggs are cooked and cooling, prepare your vinegar. I throw in about 2-4 cup of vinegar, depending on how big my jars are, and then throw in mustard powder, black pepper, cayenne and bring to a boil. As soon as it’s boiling, you can remove from the heat and then get your sterilized jar ready. Back to the eggs: cooling your eggs will help the peeling process. Eggs expand when warm so makes the shell much harder to remove.
pickled eggs_3pickled eggs_4pickled eggs_5

Back to the jars: I throw in a crushed clove of garlic, place a few eggs in the jar (Two dozen will fill this mason jar I just split it up into two jars this time for some reason), and then repeat the process: garlic, eggs; until you’ve got your jar filled to the top. You could have some fun with it and throw in some fresh dill, or any other sprig of herb you choose. Cover with the vinegar liquid (don’t burn yourself), place lid ( I prefer using the plastic lids so that they won’t rust but I didn’t have any for this batch), let  the eggs cool down at room temperature and then put in the fridge until you’ve eaten all of them! The eggs usually have to pickle for about two weeks before they are ready.

Hope you enjoy!




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